Beyond Borders

Praeludium Aeternum

The whirling practice, made famous by the Sufi Dervishes of Mevlevi order, is a form of physically active meditation. However, circle movement is as ancient as human civilisation, appearing in most ritual practices and gatherings, which used to include at least some form of dancing.

It is universal and in a way most perfect movement. As whirling practice is deeply connected to music, the one who is familiar with the inner meaning of this mesmerizing movement, can find resonating sounds from different times and cultures, which are in harmony with the essence of meditative aspect of this movement.

In one hand it is connecting different cultural heritages and in the other – placing the possibilities of music and movement outside the boundaries of certain culture and time.

This is how was born the following:

Praeludium Aeternum is a melody composed by Raho Langsepp and is here performed together with Lilian Langsepp and Janno Mäe.