Majestic Baroque

“Le Roi danse!”

– Quote from Gérard Corbiau’s film “The King is Dancing” (2000)

Baroque dance, like all the arts during this era, was refined and elegant, also decorous and ornate. Aesthetics and technique of baroque dance became the ancestors of classical ballet, which has shaped since then in one way or another countless professional dancers of Western world.

Its majestic visual side and inner dignity of the movements have also been inspirational for Saile through many years. She took her first baroque dance course from Jane Gingell in January 2010 (Stockholm).

XXIV International Festival Orient et Occident at Tartu St. John’s Church
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This project was born when III International Gustav Normann Organ Festival invited Lilian Langsepp to play at Iisaku church in Estonia. Video fragment from dance performed there is available here. Later these choreographies were also performed at the XXIV International Festival Orient et Occident in Tartu.

Lilian Langsepp plays keyboard instruments, historical harps, and guzheng. She is also the founder and conductor of the choir Schola Gregoriana Tartuensis.

Her repertoire focuses on European baroque and medieval music but includes also music from Asian traditional cultures.

This led to collaboration with Saile as she created choreography for her music – Spanish baroque played on the old and unique positiv organ of Iisaku church, built by Estonian organ builder Gustav Normann (1821-1893).

More pictures HERE.