Here are gathered some video-examples from different projects.

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Choreography for Persian sufi music:

“Layla” – choreography for Kurdish sad love song:

Whirling meditation and healing music in the Pyramid of Merkine:

“The Moth” for Lilian Langsepp’s music:

Evening of Kurdish folk and mystic music in Tartu:

Whirling for Kurdish mystic music composed by Sadollah Nasiri:

Choreography for Kurdish folk music, written in ancient style by Sadollah Nasiri:

Choreography for medieval music – Istampitta Isabella:

Whirling for medieval music – Praeludium Aeternum – composed by Raho Langsepp:

Choreography for ancient Chinese ritual music:

Choreographies inspired by Chinese martial arts and sword technique:

Short overview of SaileDance main projects from 2018-2020