“Sound is the substance of Creation. Meanings are made up in human minds.”

– Sadhguru

Starting from 2020, Saile has practiced and performed at concerts with bourdon and accompaniment instruments (tambura, frame drum, Estonian kannel).

Estonian kannel

As a member of FA Shola Ensemble (in picture from left: Lilian Langsepp, Raho Langsepp, Janno Mäe, Saile J. Langsepp), Saile has played Estonian small kannel as accompanying instrument in ensemble’s arrangement of Estonian old traditional folk song “Lähme hellad, käime kullad”.

Small kannel is oldest string instrument in Estonia – most probably played already around few thousand years ago. Traditional small kannel has usually 6-7 strings and is shaped like trapezoid. This instrument is deeply connected to old legends and Estonian cultural heritage.

Tambura with harp

The combination of the sounds of Indian tambura and European gothic harp is presented in the original improvisational piece by Lilian Langsepp (harp). This music was born in one beautiful August evening, inspired by the atmosphere of old family house, surrounding nature and the moment itself.

The very same evening this music was born, it was recorded with professional equipment to capture the pure inspiration.

Later it was also performed at concert.

Tambura with Persian Ney

From practicing and playing together with distinguished musician Dariush Rasouli (Persian Ney), were created meditative pieces for tambura and Persian Ney with recitation and singing of different ancient texts – verses from Avesta, poetry of Rumi.

This was a beautiful way to connect through these instruments old cultures and link together Persian and Indian sound as it was all interconnected at the time of Zoroastrianism when wisdom from Avesta was known, and also reflecting the spiritual oneness of all the mystics from different parts of the world.