Contemporary Dance

Endless Spring



Alexandra Tokareva

This is project by Russian choreographer Alexandra Tokareva.

Creation of this media project was driven by the current (year 2020) pandemic situation in the world and individual human struggles in the midst of all suffering. 13 dancers from different countries, including Saile J. Langsepp, were invited to participate and in the end all was put together in an online platform.

All choreography was created by Alexandra Tokareva and learned by dancers themselves through video-materials.

You can see this project here:


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Viis viisi suremiseks (Five Ways to Die)

Dance performance called “Viis viisi suremiseks” is example from contemporary dance style from the time when Saile studied in Tallinn University department of Choreography. Choreographer for this piece was her fellow student Monika Tomingas.

This is one fragment out of five in full-length dance performance, where choreographer M. Tomingas brings to viewers five episodes with different perspectives towards this inevitable fact of death. Choreography and stories are inspired by life and literature.

Dancers in this excerpt: Saile J. Langsepp, Siim Tõniste

Keldriööd (Cellar Nights)

Element of Randomness. Letting go. Sometimes it’s necessary to experience those qualities to find hidden movements which can never be found through careful planning or intellectual choreography.

Here is an example of contemporary dance improvisations, created during the undisturbed hours of night, when mind and body can fly freely.

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Under the Sky

Also you can see Saile’s contemporary dance in UNDER THE SKY menu, as most of those outdoor dance projects are created using improvisational contemporary dance style.

Movements are free and inspired by environment and forces of nature, yet still based on technique, as the true freedom in dance comes from being aware of body’s possibilities and exploring this dynamic space, always trying to push the borders further away.