Whirling Universe

Through whirling one can fly – disappear and become part of music, one with the Universe. Become free and share this sublime experience

This is the reason for creating meditative and inward-looking choreography, which is rooted in the whirling practice and inspired by sufi music

Possibility for manifesting this kind of dance was born from collaboration with Persian ney-player Dariush Rasouli and his ensemble. They have performed together with different groups of artists in Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

Recently this collaboration has also led to Kurdish folk and mystic music project with well-known Kurdish singer and divan player Sadollah Nasiri.

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Inspired by sufi music and Dariush Rasouli’s own compositions, Saile has created different choreographies, where is also some room for improvisation – just like in the music, enabling to go deeper into the present moment with audience, feel the atmosphere.

Here is excerpt from one of them. Performed in festival “Orient et Occident” in Tartu, Estonia. Autumn 2018

Raheleh Barzegari (Iran) – vocal & Gian Trio (Iran)
Lilian Langsepp – harp
Saile Johanna Langsepp – dance

And some moments captured from different performances.

In the frames of this collaboration was also born the choreography for Lilian Langsepp‘s own original composition –

dance called “The Moth” is inspired by old stories and common moth-metaphor in sufi poetry – because in the end, like a moth sufi has to burn in Light.